GRASS FED CATTLE- both bulls and heifers –grown cows weigh about 1100#`s . Want to make your pastures last longer, try our grass fed cattle. Small cattle just won`t eat as much as larger framed cattle. We have cattle that are EASY CALVING–LONGEVITY–FLESHING FAST–MUSCLING–HAIR COAT–DISPOSITION–FLY RESISTANT. GRASS FED CATTLE SELL FOR MORE THAN GRAIN FED CATTLE. – EXPERIMENT: In Oklahoma in 2014 we were in a terrible drought we had two pastures 160 acres each, We put 40 large framed cows 1600 pounds & calves in one they ate all grass in two months , the other , we put same amount of cattle that weighed 1100 pounds it lasted those two months plus three more in 2014 , then until grass came out in 2015 in April.


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